Today has been all work except for an early morning walk and one espresso. Just one espresso. I can’t believe I’m back in Italy and the first thing that happened was a headache that is only going to get worse if I feed it caffeine.

Piazza Erbe Verona (Italy is a land full of beauty – and cute little dogs)

In the early afternoon when it was bright although only around 12c I went to the Caffe Vergnano near the Basilica San Zeno. It’s the same company as the Caffe Vergnano 1882 at Charing Cross in London but the decor is traditional, almost homely, not chic. I sat inside because the weather was a bit chilly but brave Germans were chatting at the open air tables.

But I am here in my happy place and I feel invigorated and inspired even if in a couple of weeks’ time I’ll have to return to grey, dreich, damp Scotland.  Here I can draw and design and make plans that will help me get Izzi Mishka accessories finally off the ground in 2018.

Tomorrow I’ll see a friend who has promised me a pure silk saree she says will remind me of gelaterie. I don’t need much reminding about gelato, I really don’t, but I’m looking forward to it all the same.