A morning walk & silk saris

Today has been all work except for an early morning walk and one espresso. Just one espresso. I can’t believe I’m back in Italy and the first thing that happened was a headache and now that I’m about to leave I have another headache.

Early morning walk before work, Piazza Erbe Verona, Italy (Italy is a land full of beauty – and cute little dogs)

In the early afternoon when it was bright although only around 12c I went to the Caffe Vergnano near the Basilica San Zeno. It’s the same company as the Caffe Vergnano 1882 at Charing Cross in London but the decor is traditional, almost homely, not chic. I sat inside because the weather was a bit chilly but brave Germans were chatting at the open air tables. Part of me says I should take every opportunity to sit outside while I can but I’m motivated by the desire not to be cold more than anything so I sat inside even if it meant being in the gloom.

But I am here in my happy place and I feel invigorated and inspired even if in a week’s time I’ll have to return to grey, dreich, damp Scotland.  Here I can draw and design and make plans that will help me get izzi mishka accessories off the ground at last in 2018.

Tomorrow I’ll see a friend who has brought me seven pure silk saris from India. I can’t wait. I will take them back to my tiny flat and hang them everywhere and then sit back with a glass of spuma (Prosecco, perhaps) and just gaze at them. The same friend gave me saris last year and when my bag was opened at security the officer admired them saying he would like a shirt from such and such a one! The next time I went through he called me over and asked if I had any more silk, I said no, and he waved me on but an excited little boy kept asking very loudly, “Are you a smuggler?” until his embarrassed father came and carted him off.


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